Six Step Transformational Conversations

I have decided to start posting information to you guys that comes from other people and other sites. Information that I feel is valuable! There are a number of blogs on leadership, professional development, education etc. When I read one that I really think provides some value to you guys, I’m going to share it here! I have received permission from these fantastic writers too!

The first one that I would like to introduce you to is Dan Rockwell a.k.a. The Leadership Freak. I’ve been enjoying Dan’s work for over a year now. I encourage you to visit his site and sign up. You will receive a daily email from him where you can read his latest blog. They all have to do with leadership!

Recently Dan wrote a fantastic piece titled “Six Step Transformational Conversations”. It started off with a quote that really hit home with me and goes right along with a lot of my past videos. It says “Many people who could have made the biggest difference in my life didn’t”…WOW! That’s powerful! The questions that follow that powerful quote are just as powerful! Please take the time to read it and please leave a comment here to start the discussion! I hope you enjoy Dan’s blog as much as I have!


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