20% Time

I’m always talking about innovation and how awful the fire service is at it!  Here is a short video that I think gives a real good idea to help.  Please let me know if any of you implement this!


3 Responses to “20% Time”

  1. Jamie Goodlet Says:


    Nice! I have always been a fan of tradition but I have also been a fan of positive change. I will be working with my guys to implement that positive change!

  2. thepostic Says:

    I love the idea of 20% time! Such an innovative concept and a perfect example of how companies can be creative without totally breaking the mold.

  3. Nice video.

    Thinking about old practices from a fresh perspective is good practice, in my opinion. But I do think it’s important to identify a worthy problem first. Then creatively find a way to solve it. I think a good question to ask whenever deciding whether to experiment with a new approach is: “How does this help us do our job better?” If there is a clear answer, and no obvious downside, then have at it.

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