“Stop Stealing Dreams”

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I always knew that I disliked the way our education system has been set up. I just never knew what I could do about it…Until now! Seth Godin has written a 98 page manuscript called “Stop Stealing Dreams” and it is AWESOME! Please take the time to go to this link and download your FREE copy of this ebook. Please also pass it along to any parent and educator you know! Here’s a quick video that has some more of my thoughts on it.


Thoughts Are Things

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I wanted to start off the new year with a video on our thoughts. I believe that everything starts with our thoughts. In the book “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon; he talks about the “Laws of Attraction”. I’m a huge fan of positive thoughts and positive energy. Have a Energetic New Year!


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MOvember is upon us and I’ve decided to join the cause. I have chosen; like thousands of proud men around the world to donate my face to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men! Since my grandfather passed away from Prostate cancer; I think it’s a fitting tribute! If there is anyone who would like to donate or if you would like to join my team I would be honored to have you!

I wish I could grow one like this beauty!

But sadly this is what mine will probably look like!

Start Something…

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I just finished reading Blake Mycoskie’s “Start Something That Matters” and I wanted to give you my take on it. I know that I’ve talked about him and his company Toms shoes in another video, but the book had some really good points that I wanted to mention.


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Well today is 9/11 and I really don’t have any of the usual tips for you on leadership or human development. I saw this story a few months back on ESPN’s show E60
I have a son who was born on 9/11…not 2001 but 2005. It was after he was born that I got into the fire service. So happy birthday to him! I just wanted to give my take on our local hero who if she was still alive; this would have been her 10th birthday!

10,000 hours

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I’ve just finished the most interesting book that I’ve ever read.  It’s called Outliers…the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell.  He has done a very deep study as to why some people have become so successful.  Yes you need some talent and yes hard work goes into it too, but he studies your culture and the circumstances that allow to succeed.  In the book he talks about needing 10,000 hours of doing something to be considered an expert, so I decided to do this video on that…We only work ten days a month…I think we should be working towards 10,000 hours in something to help prepare us for life after the fire service.

Success vs Significance

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    I’ve been fortunate to be able to collaborate with a good buddy of mine on some projects.  Not too long ago we were at a speaking engagement and he talked to the crowed about this subject.  Since a lot of you ask me advice about different projects that you are doing…I thought that I’d pass along this piece of advice.  It’s about the difference between significance and success.  Think about the difference between two companies…Nike vs Toms Shoes.  Watch the video and hopefully you can find significance in all that you do!  Be safe!

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