What is Firefighter Self Rescue?

Let me start by asking you a couple of questions . . .


How many times a day, a month, or a year do we as firefighters train to save other people’s lives and other people’s property?  Countless hours right?  That’s a good thing…we need to keep doing that, it’s kind of our job!

Now let me ask you this.  How many times a day, a month, or year do we train to save our own lives?  What I mean by this is when was the last time your department sent you to a training that made you a better communicator or listener, so maybe you could be a better parent or spouse?

When was the last time you went to a training that taught you about all the different personality types, and how to deal with all of the different personality types.  You would also get to learn about your personality and find out what makes you tick!  This would help you at home and at the station!

We have so many “Tommy Gavins” from Rescue Me…running around…it just crushes me!  So many of our brothers and sisters are making awful decisions once they leave the station both in their personal life and with their finances…this is just unnecessary…it’s not that they are bad people; they just haven’t had the proper training!

It’s just like when you were a probe or a booter; you weren’t the best firefighter in the world…you had to be trained.  And let me tell you something…I’m not perfect either.  I don’t always make the best decisions in my life.  I’m also a work in progress!  Let me explain were all of this is coming from.

About ten years ago I was super fortunate to meet and work with a guy who became my mentor and my personal development coach.  He was one of those people who would walk into a room and everybody would be drawn to him.  He was a very successful business man, fantastic relationships with everyone he knew…He was the kind of guy who would make you feel better about yourself every time that you talked to you…That’s a fantastic quality to have!

Through him I’ve been able to meet and work with and study under some of the top people in their fields in personal development, finances, people who are crushing it online with marketing and starting online businesses.  I’ve got commitments from all of them…They are going to bring all of their talents, knowledge, experience, and all of their products that they have spent thousands of dollars on to this website…just to help us out!

Now I can hear it in fire houses all over the world…”personal development, I don’t need that crap!”.  And that’s fine, if that’s your attitude then this isn’t for you!  Although if that is your attitude then you probably need this more than anybody!  But if you can drop your ego long enough and really look at where you are in your life and maybe your thinking…”I don’t have all the best relationships in my life” or maybe your really interested in the personality trainings.  Maybe you have a great idea for a online business and you just don’t know how to get it started or how to market it…then this website is for you!

Fill out your name and email in the boxes below and that will sign you up for our newsletter and just for signing up I’ll send you a free video training.  This training is a training that I learned from my mentor ten years ago.  It’s about the three rules to succeed in anything that you want to accomplish…ANYTHING!
Running a marathon, writing a book, a marriage…ANYTHING!  Follow the three rules and you can expect to be successful.  I’ll send it straight to your email.

I’m sharing this with you because about ten years ago I was fortunate to have somebody take the time to share these life changing tools with me.  The world is an amazing place and I want everyone who is passionate about living a great life, to have access to the tools that can make a difference!


2 Responses to “What is Firefighter Self Rescue?”

  1. Heath Smith Says:

    Just found this site and it looks interesting to say the least. I will be looking forward to studying some of the online videos in the coming weeks.

  2. Graham Arnold Says:

    Look forward to seeing more! Thanks for the great info

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